Bonds Baby Search 2013

Bonds, Bubs, Mums & Mobiles – creating a truly social campaign that sells.

Bonds Baby Search 2013 mobile screens
Bonds Baby Search 2013 tablet screens
Bonds Baby Search 2013 desktop screen

The Project

Bonds had been running Baby Search since 2005 to find Australia’s cutest bubs and tots. In 2013, they wanted it bigger than ever before. And to combat a challenging bricks-and-mortar retail situation, they were keen to make it more commercial by driving sales into their online store.

We knew people loved babies, their smartphones, and sharing photos on social media. The challenge was to combine them in the first-ever mobile-led Bonds Baby Search. We encouraged participants, their families and friends to shop with discount codes in the Bonds online store through incentivised entry and voting mechanics.

The Outcome

The effectiveness of the campaign resulted in the biggest ever sale day in the Bonds site’s history, selling at 20x more than the average daily sales rate. Results included:

  • 64,085 entries, double from previous year
  • 340,360 votes with 8,800 votes/min on day 1
  • 634% profit based ROI in 33 days
  • 79,440 new customer sign-ups  – grew database by 46% in 33 days
  • Baby Product revenue beaten 404%
  • Baby Product sales objective beaten by 775%


Wireframe illustration

Wireframing & IA

As a pioneering mobile first campaign, I lead the creation of the site architecture to allow for easy registration, voting, sharing and shopping from any device.

User Experience illustration

User Experience

The experience was tailored to maximise social sharing with incentivised voting and entering mechanics, resulting in Bonds’ biggest ever sale day in history.

Interface Design illustration

Interface Design

I lead the design team in realising most effective and intuitive interface design that celebrated entries and paid close attention to the Bonds brand guidelines.


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Highly Commended

Mobile Marketing


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Effectiveness – Retail & Direct Sales


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Effectiveness – eCommerce Experience


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Effectiveness – Campaign Brand Experience



Agency: WiTH Collective

CEO: Justin Hind

Senior Strategist: Hally Lara

Senior Producer: Stephanie Saad

Head of Design & UX: Paul Kelly

Senior Designer: Ben White

Senior Developer: Drew Kennelly

January, 2013